Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Peer2Peer Banking Network

Building the Transaction Economy, One Transaction at a Time.  

Thundrbump is a peer2peer transaction network offering person2person loans, investments, shares and mortgages at social rates. Thundrbump meets a need to innovative a social economic response to out dated, extractive and expensive intermediary service providers by creating a sustainable economic future using only money that exists. A robust utility focused solely on the needs of the community that it serves.
We can visualise Thundrbump in terms of innovation waves created from social technology transformation. Companies that best capture this meme are WEB 1.0 Google [search], WEB2.0 Facebook [social], WEB 3.0 Thundbump [participation]. Thundrbump rides the next technology wave through online mobile accounts, to create an interconnected society on a P2P super highway. A revolution built upon a new transaction economy. 

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