Thursday, 7 June 2012

Mobile Transaction Economy

Creating Economy Networks, One Transaction at a Time

Peerpay is a peer2peer mobile wallet facilitating NFC Text transactions. The product is free to download and free to use, offering pricing transparency, coupons, discounts, peer cash-back and  augmented reality [AR] search. Merchants can operate hyper local customer loyalty programs; text,  splash page and location marketing; plus group settings to reward customers  for shopping locally on the high street.  

Peerpay takes advantage of changes in consumer behavior in social networks, e-commerce and
online banking. This opportunity coupled with online mobile technology gives Peerpay room to slash debit credit card costs, by circumnavigating merchant card payment terminals; cutting direct to consumer charges, indirect hidden charges, out-dated land based banking infrastructure and expensive cash machines.  

Peerpay reengineers digital money to flow more freely between the population by giving the processing power back to the merchant, who in turn can pass the cost savings back to the consumer through the customer service model. Using money with out expensive intermediary service providers stops extraction and stimulates the local economy to fulfill a self generative wealth cycle to create an economy network one transaction at a time. 

Peerpay makes online transactions more relevant in the everyday by linking online with offline  through a mobile wallet solution. This creates an economy network that cuts costs, makes  faster payments and reengineers the distribution of profit. A repurposed digital transaction network that gives your money back to use your own way.  

Peerpay's vision comes with social responsibility and a belief that healthy economic growth comes from only working with money that exists, transacted through transparent accounting models. Peerpay aims to grow networks of the future now, to create a participation society based on true identity, trust and self governance.

If you have a question about Peerpay, or a product that you feel could be launched on the Peerpay network then please contact Oliver Ashton and Fred Garnet: - 

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